Monday, April 10, 2006


I've finally entered the blogging world. The idea first came to me soon after moving to Scotland and I regret not starting then. But it's never too late so here it is!
In a few weeks I'll be leaving Scotland so this will be easy for keeping in touch with folks on both continents. And soon I'll think of something interesting to say....... In the meantime, here is a picture of my street. About halfway down the block there is a large purple sign and my flat is the top bay window above that sign.


Kris Stone said...

Hi Miss Christine! Your blog is so kewl, looking forward to reading more!

Roddy said...

Howdy how Miss Christine,

Your blog is indeed very cool, I'm intrigued though about the french men flirting with you,I'm going to tell all the girls in the Bible study about your secret underground reasons for going to paris!

In two weeks time I'll be in the good ol US OF WAH HAY HAY (all being well)

Krispy Kreme here i come baby!