Saturday, July 19, 2008

Loving this Saturday

Since we returned from our honeymoon, every Saturday has been packed with events both in town and out of town. It has been exhausting considering it is my one day off and our evenings have been very busy too. Today is our first free Saturday!!!! And it's the only free Saturday for about another month. We're staying home to work on packing (we move in a few weeks) but then we'll have a date tonight to go see Mama Mia. Last night we also had free and couldn't decide what to do to relax. I as in a mood - didn't really know what I wanted and nothing really sounded good. So we played a game and then made a quick run to Rita's water ice for Italian Ice. A plus for living in this part of the country.

Back to the busyness. Can't remember the text off the top of my head but there is a verse in the Bible about a husband having a year off from war after getting married. I'm adopting that philosophy as much as possible. While the ancient rule was probably intended for producing an heir (not our intention for now), I think we should be able to say "no" to as much as possible while we are busy with merging lives and learning how to be married. These new waters were riding in have not been overwhelming to navigate, but I do want to enjoy the ride a little bit.

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