Friday, July 31, 2009

Acadia National Park

My eagle scout husband is an avid outdoors man. I like the outdoors - would much rather be outside than inside - but alway require having indoor plumbing nearby. So John has accepted that camping with me means that we sleep within 30 ft of the car and about 100 feet from the bathroom. And that makes me a happy camper. Along with one outlet for a hair dryer. I know, high maintenance.

I loved Maine and would go back every summer! Here are some picture highlights.

Started the Maine experience with a stop at LL Bean. Bought a new rain coat and a screen house tent after driving in torrential rain which was expected to continue all weekend!

This is a sandbar that appears every afternoon during low tide. For a couple hours you can walk across to the Bar Island and hike to the top. The picture of Bar Harbor and Cadillac Mtn in the previous post was taken from the summit of Bar Island. When we first began to cross the sandbar the tide had just gone out and we would walk, then wait for more land, then hop over water, then wait. By the time we crossed back, there were cars that had driven out on the sandbar.
This is me looking for shells and pocketing them. John was horrified that I was stealing from a National park. Maybe he took the picture as evidence?

On the summit of Cadillac Mountain. We mostly saw fog.
Hiking around Jordon Pond. Finished the hike at the Jordon Pond Tea House with very famous popovers and lobster stew. My kind of hiking!

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sarah said...

Glad for the update! I love the part about eagle scout husband. We have the same camping rules at our house! I also will not camp with anyone under two-way too dirty!! The boys camped last month and Jack and I just came for the day-by the time we left he was soooo filthy!! Love camping but hat the dirt!