Sunday, July 09, 2006

Americans say funny things....

I've already written about the random woman who told me to go check out some shirt because she thought it would look flattering on me. It still feels odd that the people I encounter out in public want to share so much of themselves. Scots are friendly, and Glaswegians the friendliest of them all, but the average person working the till would not give you more than a 'hello' and 'have a nice day'. So imagine how uncomfortable I was during this recent interaction (my words are in italics).

I was paying for a purchase at Home Depot (B&Q to the Brits). The lady, probably in her 50's, working the till said to me "I just saw a guy I went to high school with and his wife. They were talking to me and I looked at him and thought 'You look older than dirt'. I just kept looking at him and wanted to say 'What happened to you?'" Then she continued "But I'm saved." What? "I'm saved. I love the Lord." Oh. "And I know the Lord doesn't want me to look like that so it won't happen." Well I know quite a few people who love the Lord and don't look all that great. "Well then I would wonder what they are doing to themselves to make them look like that." My purchase was complete so I wished the lady a wonderful day and left the store. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! She obviously has a very fine line between faith and works. And in the end, santification does not cure acne!

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Andy T said...

So I shouldn't swap my clearasil for clearasin!? Ha ha haha hahah ha ha !!! ha !!!H hA hAHH!!