Saturday, July 15, 2006


I don't really have anything to write about so I thought I'd just ramble a bit. I got up early this morning and feel like I have accomplished so much for a Saturday. I have a temporary barking alarm clock who woke me at half 6. Soon after I started sanding the peeling paint off a rocking chair that I plan to paint red to go in my sitting room. This is one of the many projects that I need to finish before starting work. I'm also painting the wall tile in my bathroom and finishing my unpacking of books. Ughhh....I'm sick of packing and unpacking. Later this week I head up to Michigan for my family reunion. Dreading the packing for that trip, which should be relatively simple.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm learning how to adjust to not working for the church and having more alone time on Sundays. A couple Sundays ago I went to my usual 9:30 worship service and then went out to my car to go home. I sat in the car thinking "What is wrong and why do I feel guilty?" I realized that it is the first time in 6 years that I am not working on Sundays. Most Sundays in Scotland I would go to somebody's house for lunch but that is not common here so I find myself in alone in the afternoon after church. But now I'm getting into the swing of things. I've been invited to an adult Sunday school class that I think I will like. And my friend Martha invited me over for lunch tomorrow. It is always delightful to visit with her so I am very much looking forward to it.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop typing this and there is another woman talking to her friend VERY loudly. I want to tell you to talk quieter. Does she realize that everybody can hear about her fight with her boyfriend? Americans are so loud (me included)!

I GOT A JOB! I'm the new face of the records office at Covenant College! That means that I smile at people and ask them if I can help and I answer the phones. I love the people in the office. Three of them I already know and the fourth person is British! I think they were more concerned that they got a team member that they liked than what skills I actually possess. My goal is to master the xerox machine in this office. Making copies has always been my weakest skill in office work. I'm excited to work in an office again and thrilled that it is at my beloved Covenant!

The next big decision is whether or not I should get a dog. I have my eye on a few small breeds. Any input would be welcome! All the input from Stacy's children has been very positive with many offers to help!

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Corrin said...

I LOVE my sweet Henry. He is a yorkie and the cutest little dog in the world! Just ask Heather. Even people who aren't dog people love him. Click below to see a picture of him. Then come visit me at my blog

I am so glad you are enjoying your time on the Mt. again.