Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mountain Top High

I started my job at Covenant College this week. I often describe my time at Covenant as a "mountain top" experience (no pun intended). I loved my years at Covenant and now I'm so thankful to be back in that community. My work mates are great and have been so patient and helpful as I learn the ropes. I went to my first staff meeting yesterday and thought it was odd that I already know half the staff or more at this new workplace. The ladies in the mail room told me that I don't look a day older than when I was a student (they're my new best friends!). And of course my favorite time of day is lunch! It is a great opportunity to catch up with mountain friends and soon I'll be making new student friends to meet for lunch.

I'm still trying to help Stacy's children so I'm trying to keep a "working mom" mind set. (Great considering Luke has been telling people I'm their asst mom!) Every night I go home to help the family. These kids are busy, busy, busy. And I love being with them. Soon I'll try to have a social life too. I even got an invite to an outdoor concert last night but then the storms rolled in.

Here is a picture of the campus and building I work in (Carter Hall). The top mountain in the first picture is where I live, Signal Mtn. So I go down one mountain, across the TN river, and up another! Thank God for NPR!

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