Monday, December 25, 2006

My favorite things

These are a few of my favorite Christmas!
~ The Divine Family, the Hertzog Family, and the Fisher Family and all the fun memories with them during Christmas 2006
~ Lookout Mountain Church Christmas Eve Service with the glow of candle light in the sanctuary during Silent Night
~ Each person holding their own candle during Silent Night, even when the wax drips down and scalds your fingers.
~ Candy Cane flavored Christmas Coffee from Walmart
~ Dan Fisher's new membership in the Scotch club and he even shares with me!
~ Children opening their presents so fast you can't tell who got what!
~ Everything peppermint!
~ Families coming home to Lookout Mountain and being able to say hello to people you have not seen in years.
~ My stainglass houses and fresh greens & hollyberries decorating the house.
~ The angels telling the shepherds to not be afraid.

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