Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Peculiar Spring

By the end of February (when I stepped off the plane from my UK trip) the weather had already turned balmy and the daffodils began to bloom, beautiful adding color and life to the barren winter deadness. Temperatures continued to rise feeling more like June than March. One weekend it was 92F as I drove home from Atlanta to Chattanooga. The warmth of the sun and added daylight was invigorating to life in the midst of some lifely chaos. I moved out of my cozy guest house on Signal Mtn and began a house sitting stint on Lookout Mountain. Again I am released from the dominion of "stuff" as it is all in boxes, though not yet in storage. I was concerned about the stress of "transitional living" but it has been a good move. I think I was tempting myself to be settled on Signal Mountain when I knew that I was not settled in every other sphere of life after returning from the mission field. My goal now is to not unpack in Chattanooga as I am seeking a ministry job and there are not any here. Temporary housing has helped set my mind on the bigger changes that are about to come and not get too comfortable in the routine of life. In one sense I feel like I have finally come home since I am now sleeping on Lookout Mountain. Yet, I think I have accepted that I don't really fit in this place any longer. I've changed too much in the last couple years. But I will relish the days that I have left here and enjoy the time with the people that I love so much. And the time may be longer than I think I have, but if that's the case, I might end up sleeping in my car soon! ....So the peculiarity about the season is about more than the weather. It's about perspectives changing, standing in the gap and living by faith when nothing makes sense, and cherishing fleeting moments. I should have cherished those peculiar warm days in March. It has snowed twice in April!

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