Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Gathering

John studied history at The College of William and Mary and I am a survivor of five years of family Civil War vacations. We both love early American history. The historic town of Tappan, NY was a perfect setting for our wedding. Tappan is famous for the capture, imprisonment, trial, and hanging of British Major John Andre, co-conspirator to Benedict Arnold. Click here to read more and see the buildings where we had our celebration. Early in the day we took pictures at the DeWint house and the reception was at the 76 House.

After the wedding service, John and I went to sign our marriage certificate while the guest gathered in the front of the church. Bridesmaids and flower girls handed out bells to for the guests to ring when the bride and groom appeared. We came out to greet the guests, then led them down the street to the reception at the 76 House with the ringing of church bells accompanying our walk.

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