Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Savoring this Particular Worship Service

John and I wanted our wedding to be very Christ-focused. Favorite hymns, favorite pastors leading worship (Will Reinmuth and Joe Novenson), the presence of beloved family and friends, a litany of prayer the congregation prayed over us, John's sister singing the benediction, my beloved standing by my side - all these things made my heart swell up in gratitude to my Heavenly Father. Here are a few pictures of the worship service.

Flower girls walking down the aisle.
(There were five in all!)

Pastor Joe and Christine walking down aisle. (My favorite picture!)

During the service.

Introducing the Bride and Groom to the congregation.
(Don't you love the smile on Pastor Joe's face!)

Recessional as Mr. & Mrs. John Tower Baker II

Stillness in the church after the guest leave.

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