Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sore Losers Are Sometimes Determined by Birth Order

This is a conversation between my sister and her daughter Ana (age 4) following my sister winning a game of Memory. I should add that Ana has a strong inferiority complex that she is not as smart as her almost six year old sister, Nadia.

Ana (whining): I'm not smart enough.
Lisamarie: Why do you think that Ana?
Ana: Because if I was smart enough I would win every game of Memory!
Lisamarie: But Ana, Mommy is smart too and so sometimes she wins at Memory.

All I have to say is....Like Aunt, like niece! (It's really hard to be the second girl!)

Ana is the middle flower girl. Nadia on the right.


sarah said...

You are one of the smartest people I know!! There is something to be said for common sense and people smarts!!

Christine said...

Sarah - You flatter me! Unfortunately I always hang around with people smarter than me, like you!, so it's easy to get a complex. Though I wish I did have a dollar for every time somebody asked me if I was a Mac scholar. I had them all fooled. =)