Saturday, January 03, 2009

Back to Blogging

So I'm back to seems a little more under control and I need to make time for some things such as this. Here's the ramble for today.
John got me Settlers of Catan Traders & Barbarians for Christmas. He got me some other nice gifts but now I think he realizes, there was no need to purchase anything other than this game!
So this is what our dining room table has looked like since Christmas.

Playing games is really good for my sanctification. It is amazing how quickly I pout and crave revenge when John cuts off my raod or steals a port. And the game is absolutely addictive. I'm wondering if I'll burn out on it.....but can you burn out on an addiction?


Amy Veerman said...

Christine! Did you have friends over or where you and John each playing 2 colors?!
We played the regular version with family and friends three times over the holidays. Too bad you guys don't live closer; we'd kick your rears :)

Christine said...

I'll cehck the direcction and tell you where to post the "phantom players" and the other modifications for playing with two players. IT's easy and you can do it without buying another edition. THough I do highly recommend Traders and Barbarians.
TOmorrow we are having a little Settlers dinner. I fear losing.

The Bryants said...

Hey there! This game has been an absolute favorite of ours for a couple of years now. Wait until you by the expansion "Knights and Cities" it is even more fun!!! Miss you! Lora