Saturday, August 08, 2009

Favorite New Movie

John and I went out last night to see Julie & Julia (the story of Julia Child and and a woman who works through her cookbook in a year and blogs about it). I was soooo looking forward to this movie and as I learned more about it I had an inkling I would "connect" to the main character very well. Guess I'm just feeling like I need some inspiration in life like she did? My sweet husband will often caress my arm or hand during a movie to communicate something - it means different things at different times. But it is a point of connection for us, communication without words. John does not like to talk or be talked to during the movie or even the previews (even when his wife gets upset during a very scary preview). So as we were sitting there watching the movie first something happened and John gave my arm a little rub to say "That is something you would like." The next time it turned into a little slap on my knee. The next time he flat out said "That is so you!!!" I wasn't the only one feeling the connection. Unfortunately, I think John said that when the main character was having a melt down over not getting a recipe correct and was laying on the kitchen floor in emotional turmoil. Not like me at all!


sarah said...

LOL-Christine, I am so happy that you have found a soul mate! I wish I could meet him. You deserve to be loved like you love others and it seems as if God has granted you that blessing!!! This story makes me cry-so glad for you!

Agnes said...

Just rediscovered your blog! Happy days. Very happy to be one of the people you miss - thank you! Love the picture of you and John on a beach in jeans. Did you dress specially? Because you match. In so many ways.