Tuesday, March 02, 2010

D-Day for the Bakers

Many of you know that John works for the US Census Bureau and is supervising census operations in Manhattan for the 2010 Census. Yesterday was the official start of the 2010 Census (though he has already been working on it for 2 years). Sunday night we were laying in bed at 11pm and I said "Well it is march 1st. D-day has arrived." John stared at me and said "It's not March 1st yet." Typical response from my ultra-literal husband!
John is amazingly gifted for this census work yet he is being stretched beyond belief right now. We expect the next few months to have a lot of ups & downs but thankful that come fall, life will start to get back to "normal" for us. Whatever that is.

More about my life changes later.

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Lora said...

FINALLY! I knew post . . YEAH! I check here all the time. Love you! Keep them coming!