Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to you, our friends and family!

Every year seems to pass more quickly than the last. 2011 allowed us a chance to “catch our breath” after John completed the 2010 Census. We enjoyed making memories with vacations to California and Michigan. Christine got a new job working in a Glen Rock elementary school as a third grade assistant. John is currently being challenged through supervising a survey for the eastern half of the country.  We are so thankful to have jobs that we love. In January we “adopted” a small mix breed dog named Bodi. She has been a sweet blessing in our home and we enjoy her so much.

We have great expectation that 2012 will be full of adventure for us.  We are about to complete our home study to become foster/adoptive parents. This has been a huge faith challenge for us. The object of foster care is to help children develop healthy attachments while they are not able to live with their parents. Our hope is to give temporary care as well as build our own family by adopting children that become available through the system. We trust that God has written our family story for us and our hearts are steadfast in trust that He will reveal His plan one step at a time.

As you celebrate the holiday season we hope that the greatest story ever, the Word becoming flesh, is made real in your hearts. Joy to the World!

(Dog picture not included with Christmas cards. Just an added bonus for those reading here. ;)

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