Monday, January 16, 2012

Booster Shot Needed

My husband recently asked me if I had my pertussis booster (whooping cough). He had just had his booster shot. I told him I would call and check before we become foster parents. Then I got a cold. Then they announced an outbreak of whooping cough at our school. It does feel like I work in a germ factory during the winter. An early dose of antibiotics has suppressed the illness in my body but I spent the last week feeling MISERABLE. On the mend now and scheduled for a shot next month.
But the commercial keeps playing over in my head "Your arms should be the safest place in the world for your baby.........". Make sure you've had your adult booster if you are around kids!

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sasha parker said...

Hi Christine :)
Hope you are doing well! Can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use you and John!
Praying for you!