Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Today we had the last home inspection of our home study to become foster/adoptive parents. This process began last August and has involved many meetings, classes, paperwork, appointments, and more personal questions than I care to recount (God forbid you tell them you have ever been to counseling! Opened that can of worms way too many times.) I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulder. We should have our final approval within a week and then can accept a placement at any time.

I have to brag on my wonderful husband who has been a solid rock partner and never failing encourager during this process. I should write more about that soon. But for now I'm just going to enjoy my nice clean and deceptively barely organized house. And we are on our way to hang out with our friends Ben & Julie for an evening chat taking with us a fresh baked chocolate beet cake. Yes, David Leibovitz Moist Chocolate-Beet Cake.


Dearly Loved Photography said...

yay bakers! i'm so excited for you! our interviewing case worker told us to say no to whether or not we had ever been to counseling... sounds like a weird nj thing. ;) i also wanted to add a thing to the list of must-haves for little people. a forehead thermometer. no waking up sick kiddos that need their sleep.

rachel {mother's mementos} said...

Yay for completing the home study! :) And please save me a slice of that chocolate beet cake! :)

Oh, and I was wondering if you were free in the next couple weeks to come over and give me a quick sewing tutorial. I have tons of throw pillows I want to makeover. :) And it will be a great time to catch up!