Monday, June 05, 2006

Why is she talking to me?

After spending 2 years in Scotland I have become so accustomed to their public manners. Yesterday I was shopping with my mom in a department store and there was a woman standing next to me looking at clothes. Suddenly she said "You should go try on one of these shirts." and she started digging through her pile of clothing to show me a shirt she was going to purchase. I just stared at the woman with a confused look on my face. I looked behind me to see if maybe she was talking to somebody else but there were only the two of us in the area. She continued "Really, I thought this style would not look good on me at all, but I was wrong! It is so flattering and I think it would be flattering for you too. There are more right over there - go try one on!" And still I just stood there staring at her while she walked away.

You see, in British culture rarely will the sales people even greet you, much less make a suggestion like that. And she was not even working at the store. I just kept thinking "Why is this woman talking to me?"

Soon I'll post more of my 're-entry' moments that I find interesting. And maybe soon I'll actually make this blog look more like I want it to look.

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Mairianna said...

I can just imagine your face!!!

Missing you!!