Monday, June 05, 2006

Home Sweet Home.......for a quick minute

Hi friends...Here's a short update on my where abouts.
I left Scotland and flew to Atlanta on May 28th. My sweet friend MaryAnne picked me up at the airport with flowers and some chocolate. She must have known I would need more than just a smile and hug after trying to get five suitcases and a violin through customs! Worse than the luggage were the extremely annoying Americans in the customs queue complaining because they couldn't use their cell phones. MaryAnne treated me to a lovely dinner at Chili's where I ate a HUGE salad. I had been craving just that type of salad that you can only find in American resturants.

I spent 2 days doing almost nothing in Chattanooga. I only saw a couple friends and ran a couple errands. I just wanted to rest and adjust back to American life. On Wednesday morning I flew up to Kalamazoo Michigan for a missionary renewal program. I'm staying in a little cabin on a lake. No phone, tv, or email to fight for my time. Mostly just quiet in my cabin with lots of time for resting and reading. In the mornings I go to seminars and meetings and have some homework. But the point of the program in to help renew ministry people so they are careful not to over burden us.

How convenient that it is located near my family! My mom came to stay with me for the weekend. Tonight I am hanging out at my cousin's house in Kalamazoo doing laundry and checking email. My aunt and I just had a long talk on the porch while eating ice cream and raspberries. How sweet it is to be home!

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dana said...

So glad to hear you are in such a peaceful setting there. Have missed you here in Scotland and prayed for you alot. I'll bet you are already beginning to "see the light". May His blessings flood your heart!