Sunday, September 03, 2006

Grace, Agnes, and the little house

This is my grandmother, Grace Lamson. In July we had a lovely family reunion on Lake Huron in Michigan. I love this picture of Grandma all wrapped up on the windy beach.

This is my little house. I've completely killed the two hanging baskets that were once lush and full of tiny white flowers. Actually, they needed more sun and nothing I could do would help them. Since this picture I have a new permanent cement step and soon will have new landscaping! (And new baskets!)

This is my BIG white car named Agnes. I'm not usually one for naming cars but it was the only way I could cope with driving a car this huge. This car used to belong to my grandparents and it is the classic pensioners car in America (also the common police car). My dear friend Agnes in Scotland used to joke that she was way to young for her name. I am way too young to drive this car, hence the name.

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Agnes Brough said...

I've never been mentioned in a blog before - least, not so far as I know. Great to catch up on your stuff - but it'll be better to see you!