Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stuck on a beautiful day

We have had a succession of beautiful days on Lookout Mountain and I hate being stuck in an office. Especially now because we are a bit slow and I seem to have a hard time coming up with more work. This morning there was a lot of slow traffic over the bridge during my commute. When I got to the bridge I realized it was because everyone slowing down to look at the stunning sunrise over the mountains.
So I was just thinking about where I would rather be on a beautiful day......I decided I wanted to be in Edinburgh Grassmarket at my favorite restaurant Petit Paris. This picture was taken there last spring. I just noticed for the first time the accordion players behind me.
I'm about to get some fresh air while I make the 30 second walk to French class. Maybe I can convince le Professeur to have class outside!


Heather said...

I have plenty to do over on the third floor...please don't tell me you're bored! I mean, I'm not jealous, really! But I don't want you to be bored! There's so much work to be done. Let's share!

Andy said...

Now who was it that recommended that restaurant to you again....?