Monday, September 11, 2006

Is the weekend here yet?

Today was a typical Monday. It seemed that everyone in the office had a hard time getting in gear for the week. In addition, emotions were running high with the anniversary of September 11th. There were moments of silence, times of prayer, time spent recalling what we were doing when we heard the news, etc.

For me the real work began when I left the office. Stacy had a meeting tonight so it was me alone on the homefront with three children and lots of homework. I cooked dinner while helping oversee Anna and her math homework. (Overseeing mostly meant keeping her from killing her brother who was pestering her to no end!). Dinner was served, dishes were cleaned and two loads of laundry started. Anna & Megan continued on homework, Luke and I headed out to the little house of learning therapy. Anna followed for her therapy - both learning and vision. Then back to the big house for checking homework, preparing Anna for her science quiz, working on a rainforest project, continuing laundry, evening showers, vacuuming the kitchen, and planning for the week ahead. I collapsed at 9pm to watch the President's address. Soon the laundry will be done and I'll head to bed. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow so that I can rest!

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