Monday, October 30, 2006

Chapel Nerd Lives

When I was a Covenant student I was a secret chapel nerd. I say secret because it really wasn't cool to love chapel. We were required to attend chapel everyday and were allotted a certain number of skips each semester. I usually had a few leftover each semester. Now that I work at Covenant I get to go to chapel whenever I want! (And I even get paid to do it now!)

Today and tomorrow D.A. Carson is speaking in chapel for the Reformation Day lectures. This morning I was telling my work study student how excited I was about hearing him speak. I actually got giddy about it and then embarrassed. But it really was awesome! He taught from Psalm 1. I was surprised at what a smooth speaker he is - easy to listen and process what he is teaching as he digs deeply in the scripture. I've been blessed to hear some great teaching from great minds, but most of the time I feel like I have to work very hard when listening to their teaching. Carson was intellectually stimulating and spiritually encouraging. My soul felt refreshed "like a tree planted in streams of water."

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