Friday, October 13, 2006

Ramblings after Philly

Last weekend I visited my friend Monica in Philadelphia. It was an awesome weekend filled with sweet fellowship with new and old friends, visiting churches, and walking around the city. Monica works for World Harvest Missions and it was great to talk with her about missionary work in Europe.

A conference at Westminster Seminary was the main reason for my visit. The Women in the Word conference is a take off from the Proclamation Trust Conference in England that I have attended. Both conferences are designed to sharpen Bible teasching skills. This time I prepared a 5 minute talk on Joel 3 - yikes - prophecy! It was hard to get my head into it but I think I got it. With only 5 minutes I decided to forgo the illustrations in order to give more careful attention to the thrust of the text. In our first meeting I found out that my group leader puts great emphasis on using illustrations and even teaches pastors how to develop illustrations in their preaching! Oops! Through these conferences I sharpened my skills in studying/teaching an epistle, O.T. Narrative, and now prophecy. So I wonder what will be next - poetry or gospels? After prophecy I'm more confident to dable in a new genre.


Cavalier92 said...

Hope you enjoyed your visit to our city. Did you eat or drink anywhere cool?



Christine Griebel said...

Hi Chris! We did east at one cool place in University city - I think it was called Bubbles or something like that. I was introduced to Bubble Tea - all different flavors of cold tea with large dark tapioca balls in the bottom of the glass which you suck up through the straw and then chomp on. Unfortunately, I didn't like the bubbles but it was so cool anyway!I love Philly though!