Monday, August 11, 2008

Goodbye to Dave

We spent the weekend furiously unpacking the first floor so that we could host a dessert on Sunday night. Our friend Dave is leaving this week for a year of mission work in East Asia. A few of us got tegether to hear about his mission and pray for him. It was a sweet time of fellowship.

John and I hope this house will be used to bless others in every way possible. Since returning from Scotland my "revolving front door" has not worked too well and I'm a bit out of the habit of using my home to minister to people. The extra space in the house will be wonderful for hosting a new fellowship group we are shepherding called Crossroads. It's for twenty something singles and marrieds. We started it just after returning from our honeymoon and it has been gaining some momentum over the summer. Our first topic was a discussion series to coincide with the summer sermon series on Biblical Sexuality. How's that for an easy starter topic?

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