Monday, August 11, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

John and I moved into this house last Friday. Our friends from church moved to Japan for three years and we jumped at the chance to "take care" of their house for them. It puts us in one place for three years considering we're not sure we will stay in this area after the next census. Our new home is in Glen Rock, NJ. Now I have a small commute to work - about 20 minutes when there are no traffic jams. John enjoyed a very short bus commute during our couple months in the honeymoon apartment. Short is relative - about 45 minutes from the front door to his midtown office. Now he's back to 1:15 commute by train. But we both love having all this space, especially for visitors!

Supposedly Glen Rock has an amazing public pool. Everybody keeps asking "Have you been to the pool yet?" Next summer.

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