Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Church Facility

In a few weeks our church will be moving into a new facility we are leasing. We have renovated the 2nd floor of a unfinished light industrial building to meet our needs as a growing congregation. We are so excited about having our own space! We currently meet in a university on Sunday moornings. I am eager to establish Sunday school in classrooms where we don't have to operate out of bins each week! You can view some short videos of the facility here. The video of the children's rooms is in the nursery corridor. Way too much yellow right now! A couple of the yellow rooms are actually supposed to be green and they will be repainted soon.

After building the playground at LMPC I swore that I would never build anything again.....and now I remember why.

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sarah said...

What a fun blog! It is so nice to see pics of your wedding. You were such a beautiful bride!! You look giddy! Congrats. It would have been fun to have flown out there, but I was on bedrest. Little Jack was born june 30-6 weeks early. Praise God not as early as his brother.